What You Need To Know About Hiring A Stripper In Las Vegas

You are the best man for your friend’s upcoming wedding, and you are in charge of the bachelor party.  You have been put in charge of getting some adult entertainment for a group of guys who are on vacation in Las Vegas.  Maybe you are just bored at home and would like to see a sexy lady stripping just for you.  All of these scenarios are real and happen every day, and every day the person who is hiring the stripper doesn’t know what to do.  You want to make the party memorable, and you don’t want to be responsible for your friends not having a good time when they came all the way to Las Vegas, but you really don’t know who to call.  You might have see a billboard on the back of a truck driving around on the strip.  You might have been handed a flier for strippers while walking past one of the casinos.  You might have seen ads for services that provide strippers in a magazine, or maybe a cab driver told you where you could arrange it.  None of these referrals seems to be on the up and up, and some seem downright shady.  You have a lot of questions, and you notice that a lot of these services seem less than professional.  You probably don’t even know if this stuff is even legal, so how are you going to make the right choice? How are you not going to get ripped off? Will the girl even show up?  Luckily, we are able to provide you with the answers you need, and we are able to provide you with the strippers you want.

First and foremost, strippers who come to your room in Las Vegas are legal, as long as the service that arranges it has an “outcall license.” This license is issued by the local government and regulates this type of business to make sure that they don’t do anything illegal.  Many of these services don’t have licenses, and if you use an unlicensed stripper service you are probably going to get ripped off.  You are going to have a difficult time complaining about an unlicensed business if you don’t get what you ordered! Secondly, don’t take the advice of cab drivers or guys who hand you fliers on the street.  They are paid by the services to give referrals to tourists, so you are not going to get an honest opinion about a good service.  The billboards that cruise around on the strip advertise “girls to your room,” but the girls that are on the advertisements are never the ones that show up.One of the most common games that the services play is to show pictures of pretty girls on their websites and advertisements who aren’t the girls working for the agency.  When you call, they just send over any girl who is available, because you probably won’t complain.  Lastly, never go to a strip club and try and recruit the girls for private shows at your room.  The girls are not licensed for outcall, the cover charges and drinks at the strip clubs are outrageous prices, and you are probably going to get in trouble with the bouncers for soliciting the girls.

When you want to arrange for a stripper or groups of strippers to entertain you in your room, just call us.  The girls who are on our site are the girls who you can book.  We are the only stripper outcall service in Las Vegas that is actually run by the girls on the site.  We aren’t shy about showing our faces and letting you know who we are, because we created this service to make sure that you are getting what you want.  There are too many other services that claim to be the best, and just take advantage of guys who don’t know the business.  With Las Vegas Bachelor Girls, you get the hottest strippers in Las Vegas, professional services and an assurance that the girls are going to show up, fair prices and nothing shady.  We take our job of entertaining you seriously, and just because we are the hottest ladies in this town doesn’t mean that we aren’t professional.  We want your party to be one that you remember forever, so give us a call and let us know what you are looking for!

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