What Kinds Of Stripper Shows Do You Offer?

Its a question that we get asked all the time, because guys are interested in what they can and can’t have when they hire our strippers to come to their room.  What kinds of stripper shows can we arrange? Can we get two girls to perform a lesbian show for us? Can we play anal ring toss? Will the strippers have sex with us? All of these questions need to be answered so that you understand what we can and can’t do, and how you can stay out of trouble while you are in Sin City.

Yes, if you hire a prostitute to have sex with you in your room, you will be arrested in Las Vegas.  You will go to jail and have to explain to the people back home what happened.  Prostitution is not legal in Clark County or within the limits of Las Vegas, so if you want to hire a prostitute you have to go outside of the county limits.  Just a word to the wise, you probably don’t want to bother doing this anyway, because it is really expensive and the girls aren’t all that great looking.  Any girl who hints that she is a stripper and will come to your room, but will also have sex with you in exchange for a big tip is probably an undercover cop.  Any website that says anything like that is probably run by undercover cops.  Don’t be stupid and do things that you know you will probably get in trouble for.

Now lets get to the good stuff.  There are almost no limits as far as the sexiness of the shows our girls can perform for you in your room, they just can’t (and won’t) have sex with you for money.  You would be really surprised how far we can go to entertain you aside from that rule, and we are able to go way farther than any strip club that you can go to as well.  If you go to a strip club you are going to pay a ton of money to get in, are going to have to pay for overpriced drinks, and the girls are probably not allowed to do anything except get topless.  If you are at a club that doesn’t serve alcohol they can get fully nude, but then you can’t have a drink while you are looking at them.  People who come to Vegas are kind of frustrated by these rules, but when you find out that it is perfectly legal for a girl to come to your room with another girl, do a hot and fully nude lesbian show or a toy show while you and your friends drink all you want, they can’t believe it.  Our licensing allows us to do this kind of thing and you won’t get in trouble for it! So if you are ready to see a really hot show, and are sick of wondering if you are going to get ripped off or worse, just give our ladies a call and ask them about it.  Its the best choice you will probably make while you are in Las Vegas! https://lasvegasbachelorgirls.com

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