We were awarded Best Vegas Private Strippers 2017!

Whats up guys! Adrianna here 🙂 Just had to let everyone know that we were awarded best in room private strippers for 2017! That’s our 3rd CONSECUTIVE win. Guess we are pretty awesome huh? Just kidding, we just know how to put on a great show. What exactly does it take to be the best? Let me tell you. First off HOT and SEXY girls who use legit pics is the main thing that set us apart from the other contenders, no other Vegas Strippers use real photos. Many decent girls use “look alike” photos but there are the other scary ones who don’t look ANYTHING like their photos, and you can never know who is who. We think catfishing or “bait & switching” clients is totally wrong and kills the vibe were trying to set for a Vegas Bachelor Party. We have photoshoots, video shoots and are constantly updating our social media to make it super clear to our customers that we are 1000% who we say we are. All of us use real and recent photos guaranteed. Besides having hot real girls we make sure every show is hot and wild, offering toy shows, strap on shows is also a huge plus. We are always on time and have great customer service, we are available to our clients 24/7 via text or call. Another huge factor is all of us are completely legal and licensed. We all carry sheriff’s card which we are happy to show upon arrival, huge disclaimer, DO NOT hire Vegas strippers who can not show licensing or a sheriffs card, that means they are not legal, have felonies, prostitute and have been flagged by metro police, this puts your whole party in danger. Like any industry there will always be a few bad apples to affect the stigma, but we set out in 2012 to make it completely legal and legit to hire Vegas strippers and we are so honored to be ranked the best Las Vegas Strippers again, from 2015-2017. We strive to be the absolute best! We will do everything possible to secure our spot for 2018 🙂 Remember If you are in charge of setting up a Vegas party make sure it is the best! Hire Las Vegas Strippers and enjoy the show right in your room.