March Madness is fast approaching!

What is up?
This is Kaylee, your super fun Vegas stripper. I am here to tell you about the best time of year in Vegas. Besides all the pools opening up in March and it being beautiful weather there is another major reason to visit Las Vegas in March….can anyone guess? Yep…. MARCH MADNESS!! There is no where better to celebrate than Las Vegas. There is no one better to celebrate with than the THE HOTTEST STRIPPERS IN TOWN….the Las Vegas Bachelor Girls. We have been performing for March Madness for over 5 years and have done nearly 300 March Madness Stripper parties.

We tailor every party to your groups needs. Want someone to serve drinks topless and tally up your winning parlays? Enjoy some basketball themed adult naughty games? (Pussy magic basketball style anyone) Or instead of watching boring cheerleaders who wear way to many clothes for halftime shows. Watch us put our flexibility and cheer skills to the test with a wild and naughty cheerleader halftime xxx toy show. Live Las Vegas Strippers are way better than cheerleaders on tv. Plus you can save tons of cash on hosting the party in your room vs going to the bars. Las Vegas is already pricy for liquor and food, when March Madness comes around Vegas jacks up the price even more. NOT US!

Our Vegas Stripper menu prices never change based on the season. We honor our prices 365 days a year. Why? Because we LOVE tourists and have dozens of repeat customer. They come to see us all different times of the year and we make sure to treat them right every time. We have tons of customers who plan for other events for Las Vegas sttrippers to entertain while coming into town for March Madness, we often do dual parties. We are hanging out and watching the game with you during the day, then coming over for the Vegas bachelor party experience at night.

You already know if you are planning a bachelor party in Vegas you need to have some Las Vegas Strippers come party with you. March is the perfect time to show the groom his last night of freedom, what is a better way to celebrate the end of his freedom then with some basketball, betting, beers and bitches! lol just kidding, but really if you need to show someone a great time then you need to hire some Vegas strippers. We have been voted the number 1 in room private strippers in Las Vegas 3 years in a row! So you can book in absolute confidence that we can show you guys a wild time!

Even if you are in town solo to bet on March Madness that’s no problem. Invite 1,2 or more Las Vegas strippers over and watch the game with us instead of alone. We are great company and will show you a wild time. So whether you’re in town just for a bachelor party or watching the sweet sixteen, the elite eight or the final four we will make your watching experience much better for you and your buddies! Remember to ask for me I’ll bring my jersey (even though it’ll end up on your floor) and my hot hot hot girlfriends