Las Vegas Strippers And Sheriff’s Cards

When you hire a stripper in Las Vegas to come to a hotel room for a private show, you have to be aware of the legality of what is happening.  Basically, it is completely legal for a stripper to come to your private residence or hotel room in order to perform for you and your guests.  The shows that we are allowed to perform have a wide range of different aspects, and yes we are allowed to get really sexy during our shows, probably in ways that you might have through that we were not allowed to.  We are allowed to perform lesbian shows, toy shows, super hot “slippery when wet” shows and even things as crazy as “anal ring toss” shows! But there are a few rules that every girl in Vegas who does this for a living has to follow, and every service that you book her through also has to adhere to.  If you book a stripper through a service that does not abide by the law, you and your guests can get into a lot of trouble as well, so it is better to know the rules than to try and explain your lack of understanding to the cops.

First and foremost, you are not allowed to hire hookers in Las Vegas.  A prostitute is a person who charges money for sex, and while you can certainly go to the brothels outside of town where this is legal, you are not allowed to do it in Clark County.  If the girl you hire starts hinting that you can pay her for sex, then there is a good chance that you are getting set up and could be going to jail.  If she isn’t an undercover cop, then there is a good chance that she is a hooker and not a stripper which is legal.  Although our shows are really sexy, we are not going to send hookers to your room.  In order to operate a business like ours, we need to keep our licensing in place and keep everything on the up and up, including making sure that our girls never do anything that isn’t legal.  Every girl who strips in this town needs to have a “sheriff’s card,” which is basically a license that is regulated by the county.  All our girls can show you their sheriff’s card any time they are asked to, because we are one of the only legitimate and legal services that offers exotic dancers for your entertainment.  We run our business professionally, and require our girls to act professionally as well.

Now, we know you might be tempted to think that it would be better to try and hire girls from an unlicensed agency, who don’t carry sheriff’s cards because they are actually prostitutes.  You might think that hiring a prostitute to come to your room and entertain your guests is going to get you something extra that professional strippers can’t offer.  We seriously warn you against thinking like that, and even worse acting on it.  If you hire a girl to come to your room and perform for you, and you expect that you can pay her extra for sex because of something she said or something that is on their website hinting to it, you are probably going to be spending the night in jail.  Your party shouldn’t be ruined by getting in trouble, or anything else that goes wrong.  Las Vegas is about having a good time, and doing things that you might now be able to do back home.  Keep it professional and hire Las Vegas Bachelor Girls for your party.

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