About Vegas Strippers And Strip Clubs

If you have ever been to Vegas, you are probably familiar with our strip clubs.  Lets face it, every guy who comes to this town wants to get out and go to a strip club for at least a few hours.  Sin City is the place where you get to do the things that you can’t do back home, and going to a strip club in Vegas is going to be one of those things that is on your mind from the moment you land.  But let us give you a few tips and pointers about strip clubs in Vegas, and let you know how to have an even better time than you could ever have in them.  First of all, the strip clubs here are designed to get you to pay as much as they can possibly get you to pay over the course of the night.  You are not going to walk through the door of a bigger strip club for less than fifty bucks cover charge, and ever the smaller ones are probably going to make you pay something to get in.  You are also going to be pressured if not required to pay for a few drinks.  Don’t think that you are going to get away with nursing one beer all night, because the bouncers and wait staff are well aware how many you have ordered.  If there is a two drink minimum, you are going to have to buy two.  Those drinks are going to be “strip club prices” as well, and you can expect each drink you order to be about twice the cost of any other bar in the area.  Before you ever see any of the girls working in the club, you are probably going to drop a hundred bucks.

The girls in the strip clubs work for tips, and they are going to also charge you a certain price for any kind of special attention like a lap dance or special show.  These prices can be pretty shocking for anyone who hasn’t been here before, and you can expect to drop a lot of money in the strip clubs if you are going to get any personal attention at all.  If you look like you are from out of town they are going to target you as well, and believe us you are going to pay a lot for what you see.

There is a way better way to see strippers in Las Vegas, a way that is personal and will let you have as many drinks as you want without a cover charge.  That way is to get the strippers to come to you, directly to your room.  Services like Las Vegas Bachelor Girls specialize in sending beautiful and sexy strippers right to your hotel room or private residence to entertain you there.  You are going to get a way better show, not have the pressures of the strip club gouging you for more and more money, and you are going to get the girl you see on the website.  Most other services like ours just put pictures of hot girls on their advertisements and then send anyone who is available to the room.  Thats not us, we created this service because we were sick of guys getting ripped off by the clubs, and even worse by the other services that do what we do.  So when you are ready for some real entertainment, skip the strip club and bring it right to you.  Our girls are the ones who you will talk to when you call, and they are the ones who will show up when you book.  Thats what Vegas is all about, and thats what we provide.