A Private Stripper To Your Room In Vegas?

If you are reading this blog, you probably have a trip to Las Vegas coming up in the near future.  You are seeing if you can find any information on girls who come to your room and strip for you, because you have heard that this kind of thing is available in Las Vegas.  Lets put it this way, they don’t call it “Sin City” for nothing, and yes you heard right when people told you that there are strippers who will make house calls in this town.  There are hundreds of conventions here ever year, and millions of tourists who come to town looking for a good time.  Men, women and couples book rooms in our hotels and fantasize about having a totally hot Vegas girl stripping for them in private.  Thats what we do here.

If you are coming to Vegas and want to see hot naked girls, skip the strip clubs.  You heard that right, skip the strip clubs.  The problem with the clubs here is that they are going to charge you a ton of money just to walk through the door, and they are probably going to require you to buy a couple of totally overpriced drinks.  The term “strip club prices” is completely true here, and you would probably be able to buy a whole case of beer for the price of a single one in a strip club.  The girls are going to offer to give you private shows in the “champagne room” but those shows are going to be a single song long and they are going to cost you.  As soon as the song is over, the girl is off to the next customer.

The reason that so many people ask about private strippers in Vegas is because the show is so much better.  The girls come right to your room and entertain you there with whatever kind of show you have requested.  This could be anything from a single girl who just dances for you to wild and over the top lesbian shows that make porn seem tame.  The decision about the kind of show that you want to get is yours, and the girls are happy to make sure that you are completely entertained.  But this is where you have to be really careful about the agency that you call, because a lot of them are in the business of just sending over any girl instead of the one you saw on the website or on the flier.  The girls who posed for those pictures are not the ones who are the dancers and entertainers, and you are probably going to be disappointed if you don’t get the girl you thought you would.  Thats where we are different, this agency is actually owned and worked by the girls who are on the site.  If you want a specific girl that you see on here, that is the girl that is going to show up and strip for you when you book.  If you are looking for something specific, we are going to provide it.  Our job is to make sure you have the best time possible, and our ladies are both professional and totally hot.  So if you are coming to Vegas for a convention, a vacation or a bachelor party, call us first.  Talk to our girls, get to know us and get ready for a show you wont believe.

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